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Globe Bowl.. Bali

I have been skateboarding for two weeks now and my knee is healing and recovering well. My friends Tony, Fernando and Paul from the Uk are all trying to improve their bowl riding skills. Concrete scares most people but the rewards are there if you persevere. The difference in Bali between being a beginner surfer and skateboarder is skateboarders are happy to teach you and share the bowl. In the sea you have absolutely no chance of anyone sharing a wave with you here. Fernando is aiming to go as high as the tiles one day,.The little one is Gregor Rankine’s Little boy Robbie, walking in the the old boys footsteps…


Johnny Dee!!

This is Johnny I met him at the Globe Bowl 2 years ago and bumped into him again this week, He has lived here four approx 4 years. This is Johnny surfing Uluwatu on a big swell, photo courtesy Johnny. These are some photos of Johnny skating the bowl,..We are trying to get him to step up his game on a skateboard with the same confidence he has in the sea. But the truth is for a young man uninjured with such big shiny muscles, combined with his “charge it” attitude in the sea. Truth is he skates like a “pussy” bailing his airs and only just scratching the pool coping with his trucks in a little 5ft deep concrete bowl. Hopefully over the next few months we can get him to start skating more like his torso suggests!!!