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My Friend Clari…

Clari is from Bristol I have known her for 13 years now and she has been in Bali for nearly 6 months having previously been in India as her self reward for finishing her fashion degree as a mature student. Super talented in many ways, can write a song and dance about life and dress the characters up in pretty clothes all at the same time. Clari is a social networker of the highest caliber and somehow managed to end up “Villa Sitting” in Seminyak the upmarket part of Bali, for free! while the rest of us pay for hotels.. However as the great friend that she always is she invited me around for a dip in the pool. With such great light and contrast to Lombok local lifestyles I could not resist taking a few shots of how some people live their lives.. Maybe one day this could be me,”oh, today it was” even if for a moment, but hey life’ s the present! enjoy it, unwrap it! thanks Clari all the best….

Seminyak Villa-3731

Life is but a combination of perspectives on the moments we share

The last 3 Black and white photos are some portraits I took of Clari 3 years ago in Bristol, these are some of my favourite photos..