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Phuket Ladyboys Patong.

I had to fly from Phuket International airport to Bali, so I spent about 36 hours in Patong and wandered around the beaches and bars in the evening with my camera. It is a very bright and colourful place that has a lot of girls and lady boys dancing on stages and poles in all manner of places and costumes. Although entertaining it really feels like a soulless place and has a darkness and coldness behind the fairground exterior. 36 hrs here is about 30 hrs too many if you end wandering around slightly drunk with a bagful of expensive camera equipment. However I did meet a few cool people and a person Called Gunnar Bratt who owned a bar and his assistant cashier let me use their bar as a place to shoot photos from. Gunnar even wandered into the crowd for me with a flash on a remote radio trigger so I could try and capture really what it feels like here. Its a hard place for photography as the light is low and the ladyboys get really aggressive when they see you pointing a camera at them. One of the main reasons for my blog is it is a way for me to share with people the photos I have taken of them and its also a place for me to share with you all who follow my blog or stumble across it. This is the path I am presently on and I am working out my perspectives on many moral areas and preconceived ideas I have to begin with. The whole lady boy thing in Thailand is bizarre, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of boys at puberty deciding they want breast augmentation, bum implants and oestrogen tablets. They grow into these amazing looking women stunning in their appearance and what they wear, yet they still ooze testosterone in all their behaviour. Thailand is a bizarre place and promiscuous ladyboys are even more of phenomenon to get your head around. Its a rare sight in the uk and I am aware of my prejudices when I am here and its suprising how they change when you are moving around different cultures and meeting different people. But one thing is for sure in Patong Thailand, the dark side of human behavior is on parade here all wrapped up in a tight lycra miniskirt and high heels..And I know for sure that I prefer the real thing.

My Brother Nathan on his Land

My Brother Nathan has been overseeing a development of a plot of land up on a hill over looking Koh Pi Pi Island (where the film The Beach was filmed with Leonardo Di Caprio)  and ask me take some photos of the sunset for him. This was what it looked like this evening..Including my not so little, lil bro..

Khlong Nin Storm Sunset tonight

Photos Canon5d Mk2, 16-35mm Lens…Lightning 70-200mm f2.8 lens on a tripod with bulb exposures from 30 seconds to 250 seconds for the lightning shots.. Also two photos with fill flash of the same sunset taken on a Canon g1x




Flight to Krabi 25th April

Bangkok to Krabi airport Air Asia £50 then a  3hr drive to Koh Lanta across two ferries  to see my brother and sister in Khlong Nin.. First two days amazing sunsets, Raining Hot and Humid, Wet season starting again. Which appears to bring dramatic skies and rainbows all in the same half hour. All of these photos were taken on a canon g1x pocket camera as my 5d mk2 was not to hand, wish it had been..

Skateboarding Bangkok

1am in the morning behind Koh San Road is a small plaza where I have seen people skate before. As I was on my way back from a day out to the floating market and elephant show with a bag full of camera lenses and some flashes I asked a local skater Komrit Kijanuluk if he wanted to ollie a few obstacles in the street for me,..these are the photos we got, Komrit has pop and style..Bangkok style

Komrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3229.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3240.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3243.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3270.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3284.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3303.jpg


Samphran Elephant Park and Crocodile Zoo

Crazy Crazy Boys putting their body parts including heads into the mouths of aggressive snapping crocodiles..

Bangkok Wood carving..

This post is dedicated to my sculptress and talented artist and woodcarving friend Sarah H, hey take a look at how intricate these woodcarvings are Sarah, this one was still a work in progress after 3 people every day for two years. Check out the 3D carving and delicate thin pieces. Unbelievably skilled and of all the people I know I am sure you will appreciate this the most..

Bangkok Portraits,..Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

I met up with my friend Pare that I met with my brother in Koh Lanta in 2010 she is  now working in Bangkok and took a day off work to accompany me to the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. The light was very harsh and bright for getting great photos but I just sat down and snapped a heap of portraits from many of the locals working on the boats. A great experience well recommended..1500bht £30 for a taxi from Bangkok to the Market then a few shop stops on the way back including the elephant and crocodile show on the route back..