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Nation Adventure Sports Skateboarding NASS 2015

Got to skate some UK vert this weekend, All photo by Mike John one of the Uk’s most time served and Raddest skateboard photographers,..thanks Mike Also a couple on a BMX bike Zak Shaw let me borrow his BMX bike for a quick 10 minute ride,.

Jason Lunn Skateboarding Vert Nass by Mike John--18-2

Yoda the Cat and Travis the Dog

This is how Yoda turned out 1 year later with his new best friend Travis and abandoned puppy I was given by a friend.

Some Random Photos I have taken lately on my travels

East Coast Extreme Skatepark Singapore March 2013

Here is a video clip of my recent visit to the East Coast Extreme Skatepark in Singapore. It was great to get back on a full size bowl. Its been nearly 4 and a half years since I last skated vert properly because my knee was pretty much game over.  However it is now 18 months since my Knee Meniscus transplant, I had a couple of goes here on my last visa run. However the meniscus transplant is doing good, have not got full flexion but have enough to skate and it is definitely good to get back on board again!

Photos of Kuta Lombok

You can fly to Kuta lombok from Bali for $20 or take a ferry and moped with two people and two surfboards for $10. Luisa has a busy schedule but we managed a trip for a few days and Kuta Lombok is now starting to change since the opening of the International Airport located 30 minutes away near Praya. There is a shopping centre being built, villa projects, land for sale signs appearing in many places, lots of new restaurants and cheap homestays. However the roads have been and are in the process of being resurfaced and the locals are all still friendly and full of smiles. It is always good to go back and I have not been for 9 months so it was a visit well overdue. However compared to the Traffic and chaos in Bali Kuta Lombo kis still one of the most undeveloped and relaxed places I have ever been to. You do hear stories of muggings and crazy primitive behavior from some of the locals and it is something that I have personally experienced a few years ago. However if you smile they smile back, if you shout they call their friends for support. Aggressive behaviour does seemsa long way off from the relaxed pace of life there, but a warning to those that have never been there before.It is amuslim community the women are covered up so riding around on a moped in a bikini with an expensive camera around your neck might bring some issues to deal with your way. Most of the locals live off the land and have no money and are happy to live as farmers but for the younger ones that have started to watch television and materialistic values have been sinking in the rewards are high if a laptop, camera, or i phone can be taken from an unsuspecting tourist. So be warned. However these are the beaches and views you will see if you come here..


RIP Poppy the Bali Stray puppy

I rescued a puppy from our street that slept in a ditch every night. She was strong healthy loving fun and growing well. As you can see she was enjoying the thrills of learning to skate and surf. Then in a period of 3 days she stopped wagging her tail, looked depressed then died. I found out she had contracted the Parvo Virus and it kills puppies very quickly. It is basically contracted by sniffing other dogs poop that has had the virus. The virus stays alive for up to a year in all weather conditions and because so many stray dogs wander the streets of Bali the virus is everywhere. Unfortunately I didnt know this and I was planning on getting her vaccinated against rabies and other illnesses  but she died before I had a chance. I can not believe how quickly it came and took her life, It was my first dog and am very upset. I buried her by our home and she will always be remembered for all the fun we had and every morning jumping on the bed wagging her tail…

Yoda the stray ginger kitten

This is a little stray ginger kitten I found wandering the streets near our home. Possible two days from dying from starvation. Unfortunately there are many stray cats and dogs wandering around Bali, however this little one was very fragile and needed immediate help so we took him into our home amongst the kitten mayhem that was going on. At first Our cat rejected him but every time the other kittens were feeding I would slip him in amongst the rest and Bensin the mummy finally relaxed and started to let him feed. It took about a week for this process but now the little ginger kitten is licked and loved the same way Bensin our cat loved her other kittens. In fact little Yoda follows Bensin our cat around all day long pleased to have found a mother. As for the kittens they all play and jump and play some more, no judgement, prejudice or animosity just lots of fun. The photos below show how he looked after we washed all the paint from his fur. He was searching for his food on a building site nearby and was covered in white paint. Malnourished and with congunctivitis  these photos taken two weeks apart show how he has actually pulled through and is now healthy and happy that he has been adopted by our cat Bensin as a surrogate mother, It is clear to see that the milk has been helping her a lot.


Changed diet for my knee recovery and now my knee transplant is feeling stronger everyday.

For anyone following my knee progress, I am approx 2 and 1/2 years post op, still in pain and still recovering, however I had some serious problems in my knee transplant about 6 months ago and I felt that I had worn through my articular cartilage and felt that I was experiencing bone on bone sensations and pain again. I had not had any trauma to my knee and the meniscus transplant still felt intact. However I was feeling a pain in my knee similar to a firework going off when i was compressing up the transition on my skateboard. This went on for a few months and I had a feeling that my transplant had reached its end and that the  rough surfaces and arthritic bone ends that I once had now finally wore through the meniscus transplant.

So for three months I was considering flying back to the UK to see my surgeon Dr James Robinson in Southmead Orthopeadic centre. This alone is traumatic as I have nowhere to live and no job in the UK to return and going back for surgery will only cost time and money out of work so I was feeling pretty low at this point.

Well this is what happened, I had saved about 200o usd dollars for the flight back from Bali, then my Apple Mac Book Pro, decided to die on me after only two years of service due to the high humidity here in the wet season. Needing a laptop urgently, my trip to the UK was postponed and I bought a new one instead of a plane ticket. During this time I researched online if anybody had succesfully regenerated their articular cartilage through diet and supplementation as this was now my only option. I found a few articles written by some surgeons that had x-rayed their patients before and after 2 years of special exercises and diet supplementation. These exercise basically open and closed the joint to allow the fluids in the and around the knee to move into the affected areas and in theory nourish the affected articular cartilage with more healing cells (In theory). Also the supplementation to the diet was Glucosamine sulphate tablets. This is the standard recommendation for people experience cartilage and meniscus pain, however many surgeons especially Mr Robinson have expressed their limited faith in regenerating meniscus through diet.

Well it was then that it dawned on me, the first 6 months after my surgery I really felt that my knees healing was extremely fast and effective. During this time I was gulping back a triple daily dose of liquid Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin, in fact possibly 3000mg  each gulp, which was double the daily dose recommended. I remembered during this time having absolutely no pain in my knee area where I had experienced arthritic pain and pain from bone on bone contact before the transplant surgery. In fact the only pain I was experiencing during this phase of my recovery was all the trauma from the surgery itself, the 6 inch cut, the staples, the scar tissue and the drilling and screwing from removing a 10mm bone wedge from my femur during the femoral osteotemy that I had recently undergone.

I also remembered that the 210  capsule bottle of high strength Glucosamine Sulphate and Choindroitin 1500mg  capsules that i was daily taking for 18 months following surgery had actually ran out 3 months before. I remember trying to replace them in Bali and what was on sale here was a tiny dose of 500mg and was over a $120 dollars a small bottle of 60. So I researched which and where in different foods that Glucosamine sulphate was extracted from and nearly all the manufacturers stated that it was derived from shellfish and more accurately prawn shells. So whilst I was waiting for my next flight to Singapore to restock on Glucosamine Sulphate tablets, I decided that from that day on, I was going to aim to eat prawns and their shells whole, every day if possible for an evening meal,..Once I started, I also realised that my dog Travis always preferred eating the knuckles off the ends of chicken bones more than he did the meat, the same was true for my cat Yoda. So then I decided to follow them both as I have n’t seen a human as flexible as my cat and dog and if was going to work for them then maybe it would work for me.

So now for the last 5 months I have been eating the articular cartilage from the ends of chicken bones and eating as many prawns with their shells on as I can afford on a daily basis. Also 2 months ago I flew to Singapore and restocked on my high dose 1500mg Glucosamine Sulphate capsules that also contain Chondroitin 1200mg and MSM 500mg. However for the last two months I have been taking 4 tablets in the morning and 4 at night with water. This is four times the stated recommended daily dose. My reasoning is that I was told the body can only absorb about 20 percent of the supplement when in tablet form compared to 80 percent when administered as a liquid. Well who knows what actually gets absorbed?

BUT what I can tell you is the pain has disappeared and I am skateboarding at a high level of impact 3 hours a night almost 5 nights a week and my knee is feeling as though it is getting stronger and stronger again and surgery now feels only necessary to remove the screws and the steel plate that I have inside from the osteotemy. (because I can feel my muscles catching on the screw ends as they are a little too long)

So I can now state based on fact that my diet has been the single most important factor in the recovery of my knee meniscus transplant and the regeneration of my articular cartilage. I look forward to getting it arthroscoped one day soon to see what the surgeon says but until then I will keep pushing my skateboarding and surfing further and further and testing the limits of this transplant. My body is also feeling leaner and stronger than any other time before in my life. I turned 43 the other day and although I have been bald a long time I feel so blessed to be skateboarding, surfing and freediving almost every week of my life with at least one activity everyday and some days all three. Even now as I am getting grey hairs in my beard to be able to skateboard at the level I am and put my knees through way more than I did at 25 I can say the transplant that Mr Robinson did was a complete success, not 100% back to normal and still in pain 100%percent of the day but its a pain that reminds me how lucky I am and not one that says stop,..My knee has also climbed Mount Agung the highest volcano in Bali with no pain or swelling. So now, bald and grey at 43 because of my knee arthritis I have had to make sure that I am not bald and fat! because for sure that extra weight with all the jumping around I do will definitely put my knee under extra pressure so in so many ways this injury has been a real blessing.. Now all I need to do is fix my right elbow and lower back!!

Here is a shot from the Globe Bowl in Bali of me doing a frontside Smith. Photography and photo copyright by Andrew Trail Australia

Singapore for a week

In Singapore for a week my 6 months in Indonesia have passed and it necessary for me to renew my visa in the Indonesian Embassy here. Just so happens to be one of Asia’s newest and largest skateparks in the city. East Coast Extreme Skatepark.It is floodlight until 10pm and is an absolutely amazing facility to skate free of charge, spotlessly clean and has every type of skateboard obstacle imaginable. Here is still of me skating from a few video clips I shot last night..


My knee Meniscus transplant is doing great and feels really good I am super happy about the level of impact I am again able to experience without pain.

Singapore by air

Portraits from Bali

This is Sophie from Borneo in a peaceful moment somewhere amidst the Chaos in Bali

This is Miss Dayu who always has a big smile for me whenever I see her

The Reality of Human Flight..

Until I get some spare time for an update please watch this video of the activities I hope to step closer to as I get older and wiser in my own pursuit of flight and speed..Allexender Polli showreel is incredible


The beauty of crystal light

My friend Martina has many beautiful objects in her home a piece of cut crystal being one of them

Thanks to Martina this is where I spent some time in August 2012..Brawa Beach nearby for surfing and the small Deus Mini Ramp made the experience a fun one

Villas everywhere in Bali



Beautiful Balinese Smiles and Upacara

A few more smiley faces, there is no shortage of ceremony in Bali and it seems that the community spirit keeps everyone feeling involved and happy regardless of their role and position in the community..


Chez Gado Gado Restaurant

This is one of the most beautiful places to eat in Bali. Located in Seminyak overlooking the beach, the atmosphere is great and the food and drinks are wonderful. I was Invited by my good friend Alison to come and take some photos in exchange for some free food. whilst she was working doing a restaurant review. Absolutely wonderful.

A night with the Chilean Navy and Embassy

Somehow I found myself spending the night with the Chilean Navy, The Chilean Embassy and some of the heads of Bali in one of Seminyak,s most prestigious restaurants Gado Gado. Their ship was docked for a few days in the nearby Benoa Harbour. It was a fun night out and I am had some great tasting food and drink with entertainment of Balinese dance and ceremony on the beach nearby. I had my camera equipment on me because I had been taking some photos during the day. In Bali the more open I am to new experiences the more seem to come my way

GWK Bali’s Cultural Centre

Bali Traditional Dance, Costumes, Sculpture and Architecture in Bali’s Cultural Centre GWK located in Ungasan in the Bukit Peninsula


Looks like this at sunset…

Portraits of Bali, random acts of smilenness

I do not like to take my camera to the beach the sand frightens me way more than ever getting smashed by an oversize wave. Sand seems to get everywhere and camera equipment is no exception. Well I was emailed a link to some portraits that a photographer Lee Turner from Bali Dream Weddings magazine took on his travels and it inspired me to take take my camera out with me on my bicycle to Kuta Beach yesterday.

Bali is all about Kuta Beach for so many people here. It faces perfectly west and has a sunset of sorts nearly every evening at 6am. It is full of characters from all the corners of the world. So I took my 50mm lens down the beach the first portrait on the way was when I stopped and  spoke to the blind beggar who is always sat on the side of the road. He was actually really happy when I asked if I could take his photo and then repositioned himself and sat straight for the shot. Everybody accelerates past him every day, being blind would possibly be the worst thing for me as a photographer. Today stopping for that moment with him realigned my attitudes to what I should be thankful for. Yes sure I gave him some money but wouldn’t you rather give someone back their eyesight. Well I guess that is where we differ from Jesus, who can do that bit.

The other shots are from the people I see daily at the beach, the surf instructors, the woman selling bracelets, the men selling Coca Cola and Bintang beer. The big smiles are from the man selling his paintings on his shoulder. The young girls come down to do promotional work for Sky garden Nightclub. They like to pose with the heads tilted sideways and a fish pout. Standard issue photo pose here amongst young local girls. The couple laughing and smiling are great, this woman has made me food and coffee daily whenever I am in Bali for a few years total now. Her husband has a crooked eyed and he is teaching me to play a local instrument called gamelan, like a bamboo xylophone. In return I am helping him with some physical exercises to get his belly down.

The Woman with the fruit bowl on her head is one of the most beautiful people you could randomly meet on the beach. A collection of hats given to her by travellers on their holidays are her trademark. Her smile radiates a natural beauty and kindness unrivalled by many. Today with my camera she mentioned she often sees the students take a photo jumping and didn’t know how to get one herself. So I said “jump” and she said “how high?” and take a look at that smile! Then not to forget Nyoman with the cigarette he has worked at Mekar Jaya hotel as long as far longer than the 4 year span over which I have stayed there. Then there are the women from Sumatra who work at Smiles Warung  Jl Patimura. Kina in the Yellow and her mother and sisters feed me most evenings. So what you see below is what you would see too if you spent a few hours in Kuta. People want you to give them money here but when you pay someone attention what you really end up paying for is a smile… and that is priceless.

Ali, Fernando, Tony, Rune, Erin

These are my friends in Bali, Ali is from Australia and spent time all over running a resort living in Fiji and then living in the UK in Brighton, she is a writer and works and lives in Bali, Alison writes for food and villa magazines and can organize free meals in the most amazing places, thanks again Alison. Rune with the shaved head and his girlfriend Erin, Rune is a skater and surfer from Norway, he works in Norway and travels to Bali regularly. He surfs hard and rips a concrete bowl apart at mach speeds. His girlfriend Erin surfs well and is now learning to skate, she is originally from the jungle in Jawa and has stories that will make your hair stand on end and give you goosebumps listening,..Erin speaks English far better than the average Indonesian and is educated in so many ways that only the life she has lived could teach a person.

Fernando is the handsome man with big smile and the model looks, he is from Brazil and is living the steps towards of his imagination in Bali, now surfing every day, he has been here since I last visited and has now agreed to work towards the wingsuit flying dream with me. Tony with the dreds is a skateboarder and very talented involved in film sound engineering from Majorca now surfing and staying in Bali between projects..Tony is one of the funniest people on the planet absolutely hilarious, he presently has a small surf infection (think pimple) on one of his legs  and he is taking antibiotics for it. However he would like far more sympathy than we are able to give him looking at how small it is, but he assures us it is very painful.

Anyway during the banter over the course of the evening, the topics of relationships, love and meeting women in Bali was discussed and this little gem of wisdom arose from amongst the boys and I will never forget it,..”  “On a night out partying and drinking the women that you meet and are not interested at 10pm, become the ones that you will be chasing at midnight and then paying for at 2am” Well In Bali there has never been a truer word said…The girls walk around wearing t shirts stating “no money no honey” Anyway we all know better, (at least for now)  Anyway If I had a ship this would be my crew…

Skateboarding Sanur Bowl Bali, Julien Bergougnoux, Rune Lagaide

Skateboarding Sanur Bowl Bali, Julien Bergougnoux, Rune Lagaide. This is Julien, he has lived in Bali 14 years. Originally from France he now skates and surfs each day in the warmth of a tropical climate. Julien rips this bowl hard. He knows it  better than anyone as he built it in his back yard under the palm trees. Julian is 37 and is a real inspiration, Surfers are pretty selfish people on the whole and surfing in a crowd you will understand what I mean, Skateboarders who surf are different, Julien is generous and kind enough to let anyone skate or ride his bowl..Julien with some frontside transfers and Rune with some frontside nosebones in the deep end.

This is Julien in his bowl

Cock Fights and gambling Seminyak Bali

Cockfighting is a tradition in Bali, owners spend a lot of time and money breeding aggressive fighting cocks. It takes place in a covered yet dusty arena surrounded by men in traditional costume with a cold glaze in their stare. I too attended in a surrong and headdress as I watched up close as razor sharp knife blades were tied and bound securely to the prize cocks ankles with string. The two owners then squat face to face holding the cocks by the neck pulling there feathers really hard as they thrust their beaks and faces into each other. When they have aggravated and agitated the cocks enough, it is then that the betting starts. Eager punters flash their cash at the people taking the bets and giving the odds. Once the betting has finished the two cocks are literally thrown together  as they frantically flap and kick until one of them manages to strike a deadly blow to a chest or head area with the blade. The fight lasts about 5 minutes until one of the cocks finally collapses in a  heap of blood drenched feathers on the dust. Winnings and losings are calculated as the dead cock is prepared for dinner that day. Then it all starts again as another cock is taken from a hanging bag or basket at the side of the dusty arena…Animal rights activists from the UK would have a field day here and would be pleased to know that occasionally a cock will sometimes jump a little higher than expected and will send the knife blade into the owners neck and as a result the injuries are fatal as the owner becomes first to meet his maker. Karma or not people like cockfighting here and the tradition is a firm one,..If I had known how truly dangerous this tradition is maybe I would not have gotten so close with my camera and fish eye lens.. Just maybe

Surfing Mawi Lombok

Yesterday sun was shining weather was sweet so I decided to sit on the rocks at Mawi and take some surf  photos. An Australian Surfer on his travels named Dylan ?? and his friends stood out in front of the lens. Dyaln surfs in a different league to the rest of the crowd in the sea. Wearing a blue t shirt he pulled under and exited more right hand barrels at Mawi than I have ever witnessed any other surfer do in the few years of me visiting the place.

Typical Dry season conditions, off shore winds, smallish swell with a 16 second period created a consistent yet great little A frame peak that rolled in all through the mid to high and back to mid tide. Dylan charged every 3rd wave in each set and his friend Nick in the Yellow t shirt was making up surf time from working in the Australian mines by dropping in on every other surfer and somehow getting away with it…Happy daze and hotties in bikinis on the beach. The road is still worthy of a mx bike and the buffaloes still roll on by. Life is good on a day like today except when the surf charter boats turn up, with the crowds that can suddenly appear in the blink of an eye.


Skateboarding Kuta Lombok

The Englishman Scott that resides at the surf camp in Grupuk village Lombok has invested into his dream by building a bowl at the surf camp…Fair play to anyone bringing skateboarding to such a beautiful yet remote and undeveloped place…Check out this little gem

Skateboarding Bali Globe Bowl

Passed  by the Globe bowl in Bali, Tuban last night and two local skaters that I met on my last visit to Bali were skating. Now they are skating the Bowl at full speed and tearing up new lines all around the place..Wiratama Tude in the red shirt was blasting some big stylish melon fly outs from the tight bowl corners to flat and Tony Santika in the black was consistently stretching out his Benihanas Bruce Lee style for the camera lens..I managed to have an hour or so cruising the bowls feeling how my knee was feeling compared to last time..Definitely had less pain than before and more speed through the corners which is good. The rain has taken the polish of the cement so any falls now take your skin off which I am now experiencing..

Underwater Photography…G1xa

Playing with light, water, palm trees, sunshine and fresh flesh..Art and light and not a scrap of inapropriate behavior in sight ..

Luxury in Bali…

When you end up staying in places that look like this, free of charge, you have to count your blessings and know the Master of the Universe loves you,.. Thanks to my good friends Alison B, Clari T life is getting better all the time…

Canon g1X Waterhousing

Klong Nin Koh lanta this evening, few little waves coming in and a couple of surfers in the water,..thought i would try and get a photo from inside a wave. Actually managed to but it was a grotty sand filled brown one about 1ft high. However the G1x is not suited at all to action photography as it has about a 1 second delay on the shutter lag, making timing next to impossible..However I managed to keep the horizons level and I am sure when the conditions improve one can get some good shots with it in the surf even though it is designed as a diving housing where most thing happen slowly.

Klong Nin by Jason Lunn-2533.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2551.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2489.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2492.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2535.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2537.jpg


Just upgraded blog software to Photocrati

At this point my galleries will turn into slideshows and various new presentations for my images..Photocrati is a wordpress theme that works well for photographers..

My Brother Nathan on his Land

My Brother Nathan has been overseeing a development of a plot of land up on a hill over looking Koh Pi Pi Island (where the film The Beach was filmed with Leonardo Di Caprio)  and ask me take some photos of the sunset for him. This was what it looked like this evening..Including my not so little, lil bro..

Khlong Nin Storm Sunset tonight

Photos Canon5d Mk2, 16-35mm Lens…Lightning 70-200mm f2.8 lens on a tripod with bulb exposures from 30 seconds to 250 seconds for the lightning shots.. Also two photos with fill flash of the same sunset taken on a Canon g1x




Flight to Krabi 25th April

Bangkok to Krabi airport Air Asia £50 then a  3hr drive to Koh Lanta across two ferries  to see my brother and sister in Khlong Nin.. First two days amazing sunsets, Raining Hot and Humid, Wet season starting again. Which appears to bring dramatic skies and rainbows all in the same half hour. All of these photos were taken on a canon g1x pocket camera as my 5d mk2 was not to hand, wish it had been..

Bangkok Bits and Bobs..

These are some random photos from my experience in Bangkok walking around with my camera, spending time going out at night with some people I know from meeting before and new some new acquaintances.. Bangkok is an great place to cruise around its game on 24/7 . Whilst it still has its fair share of graffiti writing and tagging it is nothing like good ol’ Bristol..

Camera Technicals and Bangkok by Day and Night..

I have been staying in Soy 11 Sukhemvit Road in a Hostel called Suk11. I thoroughly recommend it as a first stop for a trip into the centre of Bangkok. You can pre book online it is approx £12 to £20 a night depending on one or 2 people in a room. This is cheap for Bangkok. The rooms have Air Conditioning, (however they drip a bit do not leave your lap top on the bed under one!) and hot water en suite. Its location is right next to the Nana Sky Train station and for this is 3 stops from all the big camera shopping centres and 1 stop from 24/7 nightlife.

A quick story I bumped into 3 women on three separate occasions that I have spoken to on previous visits. They still work in the same shops or area as before. They remembered me and they all said hello Jason how are you? followed by you look fat now!  I couldnt believe it I had only gained 4 pounds in the last 18 months as a result of being inactive from a knee injury and on crutches for 3 months. It appears Thai people are even more concsious about their weight than people in the UK. My brother who has lived here 16 years said that a persons weight is always then first thing they will comment on. Except they notice a few pounds in the Uk people leave it to 10s of pounds before they would comment. As I have said before between 50 of them there isnt enough fat to fry a bacon sandwich.. So very different in values and culture here compared to the Uk. In the Uk people get soo offended when you mention that they have gained weight, Its a big taboo. Anyway I was one of them and now feeling somewhat offended I will just swallow it and stop the cakes and chocolate. Oh well its a reminder how the Uk stodges many of us out with heavy food. I actually love Bangkok s range of street food and cuisine, there is fresh fruit on sale everywhere and a street meal is always healthy and delicious and never costs more than a pound.

Some camera info, My Canon 7D versus 5D Mk2

Camera tech stuff, Well I have had good use of both camera bodies and now I can honestly say that the 8 frames per second and 60fps hd capabilities were then reasons I purchased the 7D but the image quality is not there for me coming from a full frame 1DS mk2 full frame dslr. So in MBK shopping centre today I decided after a lot of thought to  part exchange and upgrade my Canon 7D back to a Canon 5Dmk2 as I have been missing having a full frame sensor at hand. I do not shoot many sequential  but my My 7d has killed off my Fish eye and 16-35mm wide angle lenses. Also with my 50mm and 70-200mm the 1.6 crop factor has been irritating me. So now all my lenses are as they should be. I will never buy a cropped sensor on a dslr again I have decided I would rather crop my photos myself. Whilst I was here I also purchased a water housing for my canon G1X to see what water shots and HD video we can get whilst in Indo. I learnt a big lesson after my Aquatech water housing leaked in Indo a few years ago and as a result I will not be taking expensive cameras in the sea again unless someone else is paying me to use theirs!!

Well here are some shots from my 5Dmk2 and a few from my Canon gX1 see if you can tell what came from where…

Skateboarding Bangkok

1am in the morning behind Koh San Road is a small plaza where I have seen people skate before. As I was on my way back from a day out to the floating market and elephant show with a bag full of camera lenses and some flashes I asked a local skater Komrit Kijanuluk if he wanted to ollie a few obstacles in the street for me,..these are the photos we got, Komrit has pop and style..Bangkok style

Komrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3229.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3240.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3243.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3270.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3284.jpgKomrit Kijanuluk by Jason Lunn 2012-3303.jpg


Samphran Elephant Park and Crocodile Zoo

Crazy Crazy Boys putting their body parts including heads into the mouths of aggressive snapping crocodiles..

Bangkok Wood carving..

This post is dedicated to my sculptress and talented artist and woodcarving friend Sarah H, hey take a look at how intricate these woodcarvings are Sarah, this one was still a work in progress after 3 people every day for two years. Check out the 3D carving and delicate thin pieces. Unbelievably skilled and of all the people I know I am sure you will appreciate this the most..

Bangkok Portraits,..Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

I met up with my friend Pare that I met with my brother in Koh Lanta in 2010 she is  now working in Bangkok and took a day off work to accompany me to the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. The light was very harsh and bright for getting great photos but I just sat down and snapped a heap of portraits from many of the locals working on the boats. A great experience well recommended..1500bht £30 for a taxi from Bangkok to the Market then a few shop stops on the way back including the elephant and crocodile show on the route back..

Where Earth Meets Air..

I love this view from a plane window where the infinity of space and the indigo shades of blue meet the curve of the earth separated by white fluffy clouds..My heart  and mind lives in this place. Hopefully I imagine myself one day jumping from a plane with a parachute on from this height, maybe with a beautiful woman with the same sense of adventure, holding hands on the way down! just maybe

Heathrow to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi to Bangkok

Great two Flights I flew with Etihad real luxury on £579 Return, full on DVD and radio selection, great food kind staff. I managed a window seat with 3 spaces on both flights. That was great, managed some sleep with a good lie down. Had my Canon 7D camera with me and a 200mm 2.8 Telephoto lens and these are the photos from the window..

Abu Dhabi…

Flying in it looks like a computer circuit board in a middle of a huge desert..Brown dusty more dust and more sand. Totally barren, I guess buried oil beneath the sand counts for a lot to some and has obviously given the Arabian Nations some wealth..4 hours in the airport not a cheap time small bottle of water £3 Coffee and croissant £8, glad to get out…Screaming children everywhere.


6 Months Post Op..

Quick go on a friends BMX

Knee Recovery 5 months Post OP

Knee feels good, leg feels stronger everyday, cycling around is really doing wonders for my strength, my balance is coming back almost as good as before surgery. I will just continue as I am for a while. I have a slight limp in my walk from the osteotemy that doesnt seem to be changing but it still feels natural. I have been working renovating a property this week and I have been up down up down on ladders and crouching and I have been aching but I am not in much pain anymore. I am excited because I have a feeling that in about 6 months I might be able to skateboard properly again. Also start parachute jumping! I have to offer lots of praise to Mr James Robinson because it feels like I have been given my youth back to me for my later years.Praise be to the good orthapeadic surgeons!!!

Went Indoor Skdiving

Monday saw Andrew Bird live in the Barbican London and Tuesday went to Airkix Milton Keynes and had 12 mins flying time in the indoor freeflying tunnel 6 x 2 mins sessions, zero to low impact, safe on my knees loads of fun learning to fly. One step closer to flying a wingsuit one day now.

Smoothie Concoctions

Basically for 10 weeks after surgery I stopped coffee,caffeine, stopped eating low grade, low nutrient food, took 3000mg Glucosamine sulphate each day in liquid form and got really stoned added with a whole heap of tramadol and ibuprofen. Average day, wake up, wake, bake then made about a 1.5 litre smoothie blend sometimes twice a day and occasionally a meal in the evening from freshest ingredients I could buy. Basically I had to stay in bed the whole time and let the meniscus graft heal, strong Bristol grown herbs, tramadol and smoothies for nutrients were my plan of attack with some crystal healing balanced on my knees and some prayers!. In fact I drafted in everything I knew here to get this healing well so I can skate again. Cant lie to you folks but needed to kill my active gene for 3 months and the recipe above seemed about the best way I knew how to be able to wake up and then go back to bed again all day and still sleep well in the evening. I purchased a big flat screen tv and watched wingsuit videos by Phoenix Fly on Vimeo and Youtube all day long and imagined it was me flying.. so here are my smoothie recipes that I thought tasted good enough to repeat again and being stoned there was no way I was ever going to remember again so I wrote them down for you all to try..

I would love to know how you get on with these please share with me any you have…plus there is a few snacks in there too;
Recovery smoothies,

This one’s got some zing.
1 apple Braeburn
1 apple, Royal gala
1 lime 1/6th segment with  peel
rest of juice squeezed in
2 baby carrots or 1 full size
1/2 stick of celery
1 red plum
1 conference pear
splash of semi skimmed milk
splash of cold water
Blend and expect a peachy texture creamy mix
with little speckles of dark red

5/5 refreshing,

1 Kiwi fruit including skin
1 plum cut into chunks remove pip
1Large Apple Cox
2/3rd pomegranate seeds
handful red grapes
6cm of celery
egg cupful of pink grapefruit juice not from concentrate
1/2 mug of semi skimmed milk
2 big dollops of total 0 percent greek yoghurt

Sunday not quite lunch out
refreshing and light but not in a citrus way
seedy and  bitty texture from all the pomegranate seeds
Uplifting energy boost uplifting great for going back to bed on a Sunday
morning and watching interesting videos on the web.

Big Grab of kale
1 kiwi Fruit
1/3 Pomegranate pips
1 apple
1 stick celery
1/2 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup grapefruit juice
3 drops tabasco sauce
tiny bit black cracked pepper
1 plum

Oi Stoner!
2 ripe bananas almost going off
2 value conference pears with skin and core
1 big crisp braeburn apple with skin and core
1 very ripe mango peeled
1 handful dorset muesli ( berry type or raisins)
2/3rd  cup semi skimmed milk
2/3rd cup cold water
blend long time
smooth and bitty, crisp, creamy and bantam weight

7th Dec2011 This is a healthy soup

Soup, green and red bitty stringy tickler.
Handful kale
Handful greens
3rd of butternut squash
2 sticks celery
4 mini carrots
mug and half boiling water
2 tablespoons bullion stock powder

boil ingredients together 5 mins just to heat
move to blender and blend really smooth
return back to pan
add tim red kidney beans
and tub of fresh organic sprouting beans

splash light soy sauce,
splash hot sauce
balsamic vinegar 2 splashes
ground black pepper

serve as warm soup with buttered wholemeal home sliced bread..
7th Dec2011

Ok this didn’t work out so tasty but i think less
grapefruit juice and lemon juice will be all good

Big Handful Kale (yuk)
Big Handful Greens (yuk)
Big handful grapes
I kiwi fruit
2 Pears conference not so ripe
half cup grapefruit juice (remove next time)
1 whole lemon plus some rind , forget rind and only 1/2 next time
medium tear from bunch of fresh coriander leaves
needed to add a banana and another pear to recover
Hard to swallow
Bright Green!!!!!!

try again and make work

Creamy Plates and Screws

4 bananas ripe
Skimmed milk organic big splash
1/2 big tub 0 % Fat Natural Yoghurt
1/2 Avocado
Handful raw cacao nibs from Peru
12 Almonds
also most important ingredient
half cup Irish cream whisky

16 Dec 2012
Stoner Snack
multigrain Ryvita
Philadelphia cream cheese
Marmite sparingly
Double leicester melted cheese

spread and grilled in that order

might as well make a few to save getting up again and making more
having eaten them all. Moorish

Return to Normal blend

4 ripe getting old kiwi fruits, top cut the ends off leave the skin on,
2 bananas
skimmed milk
10-15 almonds
2 tablespoons golden linseeds
1/2  small tub alfalfa sprouts (good handful)
very smooth live mix