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Photos of Kuta Lombok

You can fly to Kuta lombok from Bali for $20 or take a ferry and moped with two people and two surfboards for $10. Luisa has a busy schedule but we managed a trip for a few days and Kuta Lombok is now starting to change since the opening of the International Airport located 30 minutes away near Praya. There is a shopping centre being built, villa projects, land for sale signs appearing in many places, lots of new restaurants and cheap homestays. However the roads have been and are in the process of being resurfaced and the locals are all still friendly and full of smiles. It is always good to go back and I have not been for 9 months so it was a visit well overdue. However compared to the Traffic and chaos in Bali Kuta Lombo kis still one of the most undeveloped and relaxed places I have ever been to. You do hear stories of muggings and crazy primitive behavior from some of the locals and it is something that I have personally experienced a few years ago. However if you smile they smile back, if you shout they call their friends for support. Aggressive behaviour does seemsa long way off from the relaxed pace of life there, but a warning to those that have never been there before.It is amuslim community the women are covered up so riding around on a moped in a bikini with an expensive camera around your neck might bring some issues to deal with your way. Most of the locals live off the land and have no money and are happy to live as farmers but for the younger ones that have started to watch television and materialistic values have been sinking in the rewards are high if a laptop, camera, or i phone can be taken from an unsuspecting tourist. So be warned. However these are the beaches and views you will see if you come here..


Surfing Mawi Lombok

Yesterday sun was shining weather was sweet so I decided to sit on the rocks at Mawi and take some surf  photos. An Australian Surfer on his travels named Dylan ?? and his friends stood out in front of the lens. Dyaln surfs in a different league to the rest of the crowd in the sea. Wearing a blue t shirt he pulled under and exited more right hand barrels at Mawi than I have ever witnessed any other surfer do in the few years of me visiting the place.

Typical Dry season conditions, off shore winds, smallish swell with a 16 second period created a consistent yet great little A frame peak that rolled in all through the mid to high and back to mid tide. Dylan charged every 3rd wave in each set and his friend Nick in the Yellow t shirt was making up surf time from working in the Australian mines by dropping in on every other surfer and somehow getting away with it…Happy daze and hotties in bikinis on the beach. The road is still worthy of a mx bike and the buffaloes still roll on by. Life is good on a day like today except when the surf charter boats turn up, with the crowds that can suddenly appear in the blink of an eye.


Skateboarding Kuta Lombok

The Englishman Scott that resides at the surf camp in Grupuk village Lombok has invested into his dream by building a bowl at the surf camp…Fair play to anyone bringing skateboarding to such a beautiful yet remote and undeveloped place…Check out this little gem

Why I love Lombok….until we meet again

Unfortunately I have to leave Kuta Lombok for a while and am not to sure when I will be returning so I have been through my hard drives and rounded up a selection of photos that represent why I love Lombok. These are  moments that helped me decide to invest time choose to buy some land here, with the dream of one day building a home on it . Today I do not know how but somehow I want to make it all work and share the place and experience with all who want to come along for the ride…god willing.

Well a picture is supposed to say a thousand words but here are some words to describe why I love it here,

the waves, Desert point, the women, the people , the culture, the sunrises, sunsets, palm trees, wildlife, snorkeling, diving, fish, turtles, snakes and monkeys, buffaloes, motorbikes, riding with no helmet, the sea, the weather, coconuts, Sengigi Left,chilli, the families, The Gili islands, sitting in luxury by the sea, the views, the mountains, alang alang roofs, surfers inn, Ashtari,waterfalls, the old ladies, Air Goeling, Segar, Grupuk, Novotel, guna guna, Mawi, wells, great times, great flavours, affordable and fun!

Hey put that camera away!

Hey put that camera away!

Desert Point Lombok…photo upload

Here goes I finally manged to upload some of the photos I took at Desert Point Lombok in Aug 2010, the wave breaks right in front of the sun at sunset providing photos of awesome back lit green caverns of tube riding wave perfection,..the reef is knee deep and if you touch it you will bleed…

Flavio Nakagima Japan age 22 Flavio Nakagima Japan age 22
Kimbo high speed into the Grower at duskKimbo high speed into the Grower at dusk
Bali from Lombok, Desert PointBali from Lombok, Desert Point

Desert Point Again… firing

Surfed Lombok’s infamous Desert Point again with friend I have made travelling from Australia called Michael Spiteri, surprisingly we had no crowds and amazing waves. Michael kindly let me use his new camera so I have some great photos to follow.  Now back in Bali again for Ramadan as its a noisy time in Lombok and all the people working on my land are fasting so not a lot gets done.. Work on my retaining walls has made some progress the last 6 weeks and life seems all,.. ok  so far,..Had some ups and downs and some stress with some stressful people but that has come to the end,..

There has been a few new banners going up about all the sexual health risks here, and it appears nearly all the women I have met over the last two years, finally emerge to be somewhat not entirely honest or truthful in one way or the other, so I decided to go for a health check up, and all the rest of the tests as there is a free place to do so.  Kuta unlike the rest of Indonesia seems to be a cesspit of morality and hedonism to the extreme, especially in June, July, August, which is peak holiday season, so if a person is at risk of getting sick this would definitely be one of the places and times to be careful. It seems at the moment more than usual everyone is in full party mode 24 hours a day and the drunken debauchery you witness is enough to make one whince and cringe,.Usually all performed by a person wearing a Bintang Singlet

Well my results all good body still 100% healthy, which is always great to know, So as of now apart from a few scars hitting the reef at Desert point I am in good physical condition,..So I am going to just spend some time in Bali and get to surf as much as possible,..


Still in Lombok, surfed Sengiggi, doesnt work very often at all, looks like a good wave but not worth the effort for a surf destination, lots of locals and a although named Desert Point’s little brother you may as well just go there. However I had to be near Mataram so I surfed here with Johnny Rad last week,  I will be staying in Sengigi for the next few days then back to Bali then Singapore for a new visa 6 months have finished all ready..

Desert Point Lombok..

We stayed for 4 days, it has been said that when all the correct wind direction, swell dirextion, swell size and tide conditions come together it is the bext left handed barrelling wave in the world. Well me and Johnny Rad went on the 2 hr trip from Mataram Lombok on our mopeds and spent 4 days here. It is a moped ride with beautiful views of beaches, islands palm trees and mountains, local cultures and new mosques in the process of construction. Situated in Bangko Bangko, the wave is remote and it is a pretty boring and desolate place when the wave is not working, we surfed about 3 hrs each day and had it good for 4 hours one morning with only 6 of us in the sea. The wave goes from mush to barelling perfection as the tide drops from high to mid then back to mush again, however this can all be different the following day. The ride is long and fast and we knew we had scored it at about 70% of its full glory. When its on there can be a hundred people in the water. Groups of Hawaiians, Brazilians and Australian barell hungry Alpha males all fight over this one between June July and August when it can be on most days.. We scored it with no aggro but there are frequent fights here over waves and drop ins galore, I will be coming back and try and get it on again between seasons… Pics below are an assortment of 4 days there. You ban see how the break tuns from mush to barrel and back to mush again as the tide turns, So then it is nasi goreng (fried rice) and sunset time until the tides turn again, Johnny Rad surfing…

Johnny Rad under the lip

Johnny Rad under the lip

Lombok, Balian, Lombok, Bali, Lombok

Back in Lombok having surfed in Bali with my English friend John Morgan aka Jonny Rad. We surfed at Balian for a week on brown mud filled waves as a result from heavy rain and overflow from Balian river. If you want to get ill surfing this is the place..

After staying a week here at Ayu’s accomodation we then took the ferry back to Lombok and have been surfing here the last 10 days. Good clean powerful Righthanded reef breaks every day. J Rad is good fun, today he let me shave off all his hair and give him a Mohawk! He is still a 10 year old inside a mans body.

Still feeling the pain from the exchange rate crash off the pound and to make it worse it has started going back up again today!! Life..

Pics of Lombok  and Bali surfing, Balian, Air Gueling and Seger Reef

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