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Lombok Sasak Culture..

Many of the local people here are great, The name for their language and culture is Traditional Sasak. I get on well with many of the families and have known some of them over 3 years now. They are often in a hurry to feed me, wash my clothes, entertain me and make me coffee,..They earn their money in a variety of humble ways working in communities. Some families are smashing rocks with hammers all day looking for nuggets of gold, The lucky ones are made for life. Others make and bake clay bricks in the open air. Piling them up into a slow burning pile  as they feed burning branches at the bottom. The men a hand casting concrete structures. There are farmers and fisherman. Mostly they live in bamboo huts and I am always welcome..I can offer little except my sense of humour and attempts at speaking their language.It appears though that sharing my photos of them from the past times I have visited keeps them amused. However recently as a result of my laptop they have all been introduced to wingsuit flying now!! I am very fortunate to experience such a contrast in my world from day to day..I learn a lot here

Surfing Mawi Lombok

Yesterday sun was shining weather was sweet so I decided to sit on the rocks at Mawi and take some surf  photos. An Australian Surfer on his travels named Dylan ?? and his friends stood out in front of the lens. Dyaln surfs in a different league to the rest of the crowd in the sea. Wearing a blue t shirt he pulled under and exited more right hand barrels at Mawi than I have ever witnessed any other surfer do in the few years of me visiting the place.

Typical Dry season conditions, off shore winds, smallish swell with a 16 second period created a consistent yet great little A frame peak that rolled in all through the mid to high and back to mid tide. Dylan charged every 3rd wave in each set and his friend Nick in the Yellow t shirt was making up surf time from working in the Australian mines by dropping in on every other surfer and somehow getting away with it…Happy daze and hotties in bikinis on the beach. The road is still worthy of a mx bike and the buffaloes still roll on by. Life is good on a day like today except when the surf charter boats turn up, with the crowds that can suddenly appear in the blink of an eye.


Skateboarding Kuta Lombok

The Englishman Scott that resides at the surf camp in Grupuk village Lombok has invested into his dream by building a bowl at the surf camp…Fair play to anyone bringing skateboarding to such a beautiful yet remote and undeveloped place…Check out this little gem

My Land in Kuta Lombok

I am now back in Kuta Lombok and have been meeting up with old friends and some of the locals. Everybody has been great and been looking after me and cooking me meals. I have started paying a few people to do some more work on my land and in between when the stars have been out I have been practicing some photography techniques that involve long exposures and remote flash triggering..These are the results from last night,

Skateboarding Bali Globe Bowl

Passed  by the Globe bowl in Bali, Tuban last night and two local skaters that I met on my last visit to Bali were skating. Now they are skating the Bowl at full speed and tearing up new lines all around the place..Wiratama Tude in the red shirt was blasting some big stylish melon fly outs from the tight bowl corners to flat and Tony Santika in the black was consistently stretching out his Benihanas Bruce Lee style for the camera lens..I managed to have an hour or so cruising the bowls feeling how my knee was feeling compared to last time..Definitely had less pain than before and more speed through the corners which is good. The rain has taken the polish of the cement so any falls now take your skin off which I am now experiencing..

Skateboarding Bali.. Deus mini ramp

Dustin Humphries aka D Hump a very famous Surf Photo grapher from the States is involved in a Project on the Canggu area of Bali on the Intersection to Echo Beach. Basically I was passing by to take some photos of random surf action and I heard the sound of skateboard wheels on concrete. This always stops me in my tracks. Well there was a pretty good Jakartan skateboarder on the ramp called Reno Pratama. Apparently they had flown him down for a skateboard and fashion photo shoot. Well after they had finished shooting and I had finished having a little go on the ramp to test out my knee progress the sun and sky were turning a great shade of pink, so I asked if I could shoot some photos of the ramp for my travel blog. I had a 5dmk2 a 15mm fisheye lens and two 580ex speedlights and Cactus v5 radio triggers to hand. Combined with Reno Pratamas poppy stalefish on a 4ft high mini ramp these are the shots we managed to get. This is a link to their website and blog They have built a restaurant a photo studio and I think but not sure is a customised motorcycle workshop call Ex Machina Motorcycles. Dustin AKA D Hump had some photos published in a big colourful coffee table book I think was called Sipping Jetstreams (But I am not 100%) and it was his images that made me want to come to Indonesia and take photos, so today was a good day..

Reno Pratama Boom!! Stalefish Interceptor Deus Ramp


Underwater Photography…G1xa

Playing with light, water, palm trees, sunshine and fresh flesh..Art and light and not a scrap of inapropriate behavior in sight ..

Luxury in Bali…

When you end up staying in places that look like this, free of charge, you have to count your blessings and know the Master of the Universe loves you,.. Thanks to my good friends Alison B, Clari T life is getting better all the time…

Phuket Ladyboys Patong.

I had to fly from Phuket International airport to Bali, so I spent about 36 hours in Patong and wandered around the beaches and bars in the evening with my camera. It is a very bright and colourful place that has a lot of girls and lady boys dancing on stages and poles in all manner of places and costumes. Although entertaining it really feels like a soulless place and has a darkness and coldness behind the fairground exterior. 36 hrs here is about 30 hrs too many if you end wandering around slightly drunk with a bagful of expensive camera equipment. However I did meet a few cool people and a person Called Gunnar Bratt who owned a bar and his assistant cashier let me use their bar as a place to shoot photos from. Gunnar even wandered into the crowd for me with a flash on a remote radio trigger so I could try and capture really what it feels like here. Its a hard place for photography as the light is low and the ladyboys get really aggressive when they see you pointing a camera at them. One of the main reasons for my blog is it is a way for me to share with people the photos I have taken of them and its also a place for me to share with you all who follow my blog or stumble across it. This is the path I am presently on and I am working out my perspectives on many moral areas and preconceived ideas I have to begin with. The whole lady boy thing in Thailand is bizarre, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of boys at puberty deciding they want breast augmentation, bum implants and oestrogen tablets. They grow into these amazing looking women stunning in their appearance and what they wear, yet they still ooze testosterone in all their behaviour. Thailand is a bizarre place and promiscuous ladyboys are even more of phenomenon to get your head around. Its a rare sight in the uk and I am aware of my prejudices when I am here and its suprising how they change when you are moving around different cultures and meeting different people. But one thing is for sure in Patong Thailand, the dark side of human behavior is on parade here all wrapped up in a tight lycra miniskirt and high heels..And I know for sure that I prefer the real thing.

Canon g1X Waterhousing

Klong Nin Koh lanta this evening, few little waves coming in and a couple of surfers in the water,..thought i would try and get a photo from inside a wave. Actually managed to but it was a grotty sand filled brown one about 1ft high. However the G1x is not suited at all to action photography as it has about a 1 second delay on the shutter lag, making timing next to impossible..However I managed to keep the horizons level and I am sure when the conditions improve one can get some good shots with it in the surf even though it is designed as a diving housing where most thing happen slowly.

Klong Nin by Jason Lunn-2533.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2551.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2489.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2492.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2535.jpgKlong Nin by Jason Lunn-2537.jpg


Just upgraded blog software to Photocrati

At this point my galleries will turn into slideshows and various new presentations for my images..Photocrati is a wordpress theme that works well for photographers..