Monthly Archives: March 2012

Knee Recovery 5 months Post OP

Knee feels good, leg feels stronger everyday, cycling around is really doing wonders for my strength, my balance is coming back almost as good as before surgery. I will just continue as I am for a while. I have a slight limp in my walk from the osteotemy that doesnt seem to be changing but it still feels natural. I have been working renovating a property this week and I have been up down up down on ladders and crouching and I have been aching but I am not in much pain anymore. I am excited because I have a feeling that in about 6 months I might be able to skateboard properly again. Also start parachute jumping! I have to offer lots of praise to Mr James Robinson because it feels like I have been given my youth back to me for my later years.Praise be to the good orthapeadic surgeons!!!

Went Indoor Skdiving

Monday saw Andrew Bird live in the Barbican London and Tuesday went to Airkix Milton Keynes and had 12 mins flying time in the indoor freeflying tunnel 6 x 2 mins sessions, zero to low impact, safe on my knees loads of fun learning to fly. One step closer to flying a wingsuit one day now.