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Smoothie Concoctions

Basically for 10 weeks after surgery I stopped coffee,caffeine, stopped eating low grade, low nutrient food, took 3000mg Glucosamine sulphate each day in liquid form and got really stoned added with a whole heap of tramadol and ibuprofen. Average day, wake up, wake, bake then made about a 1.5 litre smoothie blend sometimes twice a day and occasionally a meal in the evening from freshest ingredients I could buy. Basically I had to stay in bed the whole time and let the meniscus graft heal, strong Bristol grown herbs, tramadol and smoothies for nutrients were my plan of attack with some crystal healing balanced on my knees and some prayers!. In fact I drafted in everything I knew here to get this healing well so I can skate again. Cant lie to you folks but needed to kill my active gene for 3 months and the recipe above seemed about the best way I knew how to be able to wake up and then go back to bed again all day and still sleep well in the evening. I purchased a big flat screen tv and watched wingsuit videos by Phoenix Fly on Vimeo and Youtube all day long and imagined it was me flying.. so here are my smoothie recipes that I thought tasted good enough to repeat again and being stoned there was no way I was ever going to remember again so I wrote them down for you all to try..

I would love to know how you get on with these please share with me any you have…plus there is a few snacks in there too;
Recovery smoothies,

This one’s got some zing.
1 apple Braeburn
1 apple, Royal gala
1 lime 1/6th segment with  peel
rest of juice squeezed in
2 baby carrots or 1 full size
1/2 stick of celery
1 red plum
1 conference pear
splash of semi skimmed milk
splash of cold water
Blend and expect a peachy texture creamy mix
with little speckles of dark red

5/5 refreshing,

1 Kiwi fruit including skin
1 plum cut into chunks remove pip
1Large Apple Cox
2/3rd pomegranate seeds
handful red grapes
6cm of celery
egg cupful of pink grapefruit juice not from concentrate
1/2 mug of semi skimmed milk
2 big dollops of total 0 percent greek yoghurt

Sunday not quite lunch out
refreshing and light but not in a citrus way
seedy and  bitty texture from all the pomegranate seeds
Uplifting energy boost uplifting great for going back to bed on a Sunday
morning and watching interesting videos on the web.

Big Grab of kale
1 kiwi Fruit
1/3 Pomegranate pips
1 apple
1 stick celery
1/2 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup grapefruit juice
3 drops tabasco sauce
tiny bit black cracked pepper
1 plum

Oi Stoner!
2 ripe bananas almost going off
2 value conference pears with skin and core
1 big crisp braeburn apple with skin and core
1 very ripe mango peeled
1 handful dorset muesli ( berry type or raisins)
2/3rd  cup semi skimmed milk
2/3rd cup cold water
blend long time
smooth and bitty, crisp, creamy and bantam weight

7th Dec2011 This is a healthy soup

Soup, green and red bitty stringy tickler.
Handful kale
Handful greens
3rd of butternut squash
2 sticks celery
4 mini carrots
mug and half boiling water
2 tablespoons bullion stock powder

boil ingredients together 5 mins just to heat
move to blender and blend really smooth
return back to pan
add tim red kidney beans
and tub of fresh organic sprouting beans

splash light soy sauce,
splash hot sauce
balsamic vinegar 2 splashes
ground black pepper

serve as warm soup with buttered wholemeal home sliced bread..
7th Dec2011

Ok this didn’t work out so tasty but i think less
grapefruit juice and lemon juice will be all good

Big Handful Kale (yuk)
Big Handful Greens (yuk)
Big handful grapes
I kiwi fruit
2 Pears conference not so ripe
half cup grapefruit juice (remove next time)
1 whole lemon plus some rind , forget rind and only 1/2 next time
medium tear from bunch of fresh coriander leaves
needed to add a banana and another pear to recover
Hard to swallow
Bright Green!!!!!!

try again and make work

Creamy Plates and Screws

4 bananas ripe
Skimmed milk organic big splash
1/2 big tub 0 % Fat Natural Yoghurt
1/2 Avocado
Handful raw cacao nibs from Peru
12 Almonds
also most important ingredient
half cup Irish cream whisky

16 Dec 2012
Stoner Snack
multigrain Ryvita
Philadelphia cream cheese
Marmite sparingly
Double leicester melted cheese

spread and grilled in that order

might as well make a few to save getting up again and making more
having eaten them all. Moorish

Return to Normal blend

4 ripe getting old kiwi fruits, top cut the ends off leave the skin on,
2 bananas
skimmed milk
10-15 almonds
2 tablespoons golden linseeds
1/2  small tub alfalfa sprouts (good handful)
very smooth live mix