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a little truth about relationships….

“You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.” ~ Frederick Buechner

I love this quote I found it on this site I stumbled across .As a quote it pretty much describes how I feel. I do feel that regardless of whatever direction life takes our loved ones through the actions of past events, circumstances and other people that are beyond our personal control, this does not change how deep a relationship runs through the core of our energy, and if the relationships also include shared genetics and bloodlines then the energy runs deeper again.

That energy is where i have always found my strength

Knee Update…Tramadol withdrawal soooo difficult

7 weeks post op Still on Crutches and in a knee brace 24/7. This week I was upgraded by the physio to partiall weight bearing status, 50% of my body weight is allowed on my right leg. They weighed me I am approx 80kg at the moment (5 Heavier than a year ago) and then they made me stand with my right foot on the scales and pressed until the scales read 40kg. This was so that I understood the amount of pressure I could place on my leg.

More Importantantly, The Tramadol painkillers are proving very difficult to come off I tried just to stop taking them on 2 occasions and had heroin like withdrawal symptoms that were too much too deal with. Now ,I have reduced my dose from 2x50mg 4 times a day to just 2 a day but, when i stopped for a day, I had nausea, cold sweats, shakes, anxiety depression, fever and diorreah, so I have done some research and need to wean myself off slowly over a period. Been using natural remedies grown locally and that seems to be working well. Scar has healed up well and it feels good inside. I am daily dreaming about skateboarding on Vert once again, maybe in a year or so if all goes well.

This really was a heavy surgery and the recovery is slow and painful, due to the crutches also very cumbersome but I am making progress and that is noticeable each day. Huge thanks to my good friend Avril Elias and Sara Havord for all their support and help with my shopping for food, I would have really struggled without them.