Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sun came out at last!!

Rained most of July and August the great British summer, but today the sun is high and what a difference that makes to how life looks and feels, gonna get some great photos today somewhere of something not sure what yet.

Update…Not having much fun here this week..

In England all I seem to do is work work work, cycle around under grey wet clouds and feel very tired most of the time whilst I hear really depressing information on every newspaper headline and Tv Station. Radio is a complete windup as I am bombarded with the same absolute low grade shitty pop music on nearly every radio station repeatedly every day week after week whilst I am at work. There is most definitely an industry and government agenda here for the complete brain blitzing of the same shitty radio and sound frequencies on a daily basis..There are so many songs and so many artists yet rhianna, take that, black eyed peas, etc etc,.. are played over and over again all fxxxxing day long.. When I try and re tune there is too much interference so we end up back on the same old mass broadcasting stations which seem to have the strongest signals.. There is a massive culture of Fear in the Uk and an attempt to keep people ignorant of this fact.. Have you ever noticed how many arrows you are expected to follow in one day, from train stations, road signs, entry signs, door ways, corridors, hallways, restaurants, hotels museums, the list goes on,..Instead of polite service at stores you now have to scan it all yourself as a security guard watches over your shoulder as it is assumed all customers are potential thieves..The cameras are on us everywhere and it is all controlled by absolute low grade unintelligent dimwits who will always reply, you are not allowed to do that, its more than my jobs worth, and I didnt make the rules. You cannot even lock your bike to some railings unless the sign permits it.. or run for a train! Bouncers want to bounce you , parking wardens, many of the police bus drivers and especially railway guards are some of the most dehuminised spiritually dead examples of humanity I come across regularly on my daily path..It appears that people with little self control choose positions where they can mindlessly exercise control to the greatest extent over others. I have recently found many train guards to be one of the lowest forms as they now wait in teams at automated barriers still checking your ticket before they use their own to let you through, what a complete waste of a day, resources and a life.
I am sure they would have become police if they were able to the 5 pull ups, 10 press ups and ability to count to ten that is necessary to be accepted… England is becoming more legislated by the minute, to repair this situation would be to RE -pair Human beings with Common sense, until that day it appears we will just have common nonsense…EVERYWHERE..

Rant Over!