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Long time no Update,..July 22nd 2011

Ok Its been a long time since I have updated my Blog I am back in the Uk, life is so busy and expensive, I have been basically working doing various jobs to get back to Indonesia when possible..Here is my news so far

I have seen a knee consultant and have been having major knee problems with an old knee injury and it looks like I am having some surgery in Octoberish so x ray photos and updates soon ,..

Workwise I have been using my photography and design skills for various clients and projects, inbetween I have been doing some carpentry and shop fitting with my flat mate Joe, so I have been keeping busy.. Still have my eye focused on my dreams but its very much one step at a time in the direction of my dreams and measure the progress each month but I have been making progress..

Land titles for land in Lombok have made some advances with regards certificates and registration.. so that is all good..

I have been re designing my website and that will be coming soon with all new content..

HOWEVER… that all pales into insignifigance after I saw this wingsuit video on YOUTUBE,.. I have never heard of proximity flying but basically this is the flying dream come true!!! unbelievable I now fall asleep dreaming of this and waking up thinking of this and I feel a strong calling towards taking the steps towards maybe one day experiencing this feeling..So we are working on regaining knee strength for this…

CHECK THIS OUT!!!! YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa……

This is the Reality check if you like what you seeĀ  approx 168 deaths in 30 years, so thats 55ish every 10 years, 5.5 people a year, not as bad as one would expect, surfing drowns way more each year.. www.