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Mountainbike stuff..

I have been playing a bit on a mountainbike lately as I am cycling everywhere and am getting the feel for how it handles. This is my flatmate Joes bike and he likes to ride downhill trails a bit and this is a short clip from Cwm Carn Track in Wales, just jumping the tabletop..

The Birds and the Bees and a Canon Eos 7D

I have started to spend some of the Jessops replacement product vouchers that I received for my Canon Eos 1ds mk2 camera that was damaged beyond repair inĀ  Sumbawa Lakey peak when my camera water housing leaked,.. (Archived here) below are some photos I have taken with it. It feels great to have super responsive full frame DSLR camera again and an assortment of lenses to choose from.. My whole blog for over 2 years has been decorated with photos from my small portable pocket point and shoot a Canon has served its purpose well but now I can step up my game again having stepped down for a while..

Rik Brookes "Mr Riks" by Jason Lunn Royal Crescent

Rik Brookes "Mr Riks" by Jason Lunn Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent Canon EF 15mm Fish Eye, The world is round....

Royal Crescent Canon EF 15mm Fish Eye, The world is round....

Another positive to what was a real tragedy at the time when my camera waterhousing leaked. The vouchers were for the same amount for a new camera so this has worked out well, I have managed to replace the original Mk2 with another I found on Ebay for a fifth of the price (this is as I still have the water housing and it has many years life still in it having been used only twice) However I have used the Jessops vouchers on a EOS Canon 7D which has HD filming capability. So below is a little test of its abilities in Bath Victoria Park on a sunny day the first time I have used it..

Its best viewed in the Hd setting at full screen

just a little edit of what was happening around at the time and my good friend Richard “Mr Riks” Brookes doing a few jumps and straddles to help me experiment with the 50 frames per second slow motion setting..

I used various lenses during this, all Canon as listed below for all who are interested in technical stuff

EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS, EF 50mm f1.4 with macro screw on attachment, EF 16-35 f2.8, 15mm Fish Eye f 2.8..edited in Imovie


Surfing Lynmouth North Devon,…

Me Paul and Alex went to surf Lynmouth again at 6 am this morning,.. freezing cold grey wet and miserable, waves kinda working..I have been to Lynmouth 8 times in my life and it is always grey and miserable which is a shame as it is one of the most beautiful British fishing villages you can find located in a picturesque valley. The surf is a left hand point break over boulders and needs a whole heap of swell in the Atlantic to make it up this far..Personally I had my all time worst surf today, having a few major back problems hurting all the time. I have recently acquired a Canon eos 7D and these are the shots from it. 18mp with Full HD capabilities so I am looking to experiment some more with it…It has a 1.6 magnification factor as it does not have full frame digital sensor so this means a 200mm lens becomes about a 320mm in reality which is much better focal length for surfing..if you are interested in that stuff

Video Edit Eugene Tollemache Indonesia

I have been bust working and sorting out a bunch of camera equipment and inbetween I have managed to edit through some of my video footages. Here is a small edit of my friend Eugene surfing in Sumbawa Indonesia, I filmed this on a sony VX 2100 3 Chip mini DV video camera. I managed to get a few various angles from the tower, the reef in a boat and also swimming with a water housing,.. Eugene is a good solid surfer from the Uk and spends every winter in Indonesia for approx 6 months..Enjoy