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Boxing day 2010

My day Bristol Dec 26th in 3 photos, morning, late afternoon and early evening,

Xmas Day Bristol 2010

I had a wonderful Xmas, morning, woke up warm tucked up and in the arms of a beautiful woman, My good friends Jonny Rad his partner Carolina, his brother Paul and I went snowboarding in Ashton Court Park Bristol. there was enough snow to play on one side of the golf course and even a very small jump off the golf tee. An amazing crisp white cloudless blue skied xmas morning, life is good and great friends to share it with…here are some photos of Bristol at its best,..Paul and Jonny combined ages of 90 show that getting older is most definitely as fun as you want it to be,.. I have great friends I really do always inspiring..

Xmas Day Snowboarding-6453

Paul Morgan Aka Shark Bite Ashton Court 2010

Picture Perfect White Xmas Dreams coming true!!

Picture Perfect White Xmas Dreams coming true!!

Bristol Dec 2010…

I felt inspired by Pink Floyd’s album and album cover Dark Side of the Moon to produce this in Adobe Illustrator for my friend HT..

Helen Tyreman, if you don't see the rainbows you'll be joining the rest

HT's, if you don't see the rainbows...

Bristol Bali high contrast…

Well I have been in the Uk for 2 weeks and have been busy from the start its been snowing a fair bit but has now turned to grey sludge,..however it is still freezing cold but life is good and I have lots of great photos that In will try and upload when I get a chance. Also thank you to all who support me and read my blog I know the positive vibrations reach me as life feels good.. These are some photos I have taken cycling around the city on a mountainbike. All taken with the CanonG10 I purchased in Bali 2 years ago


Ok so I have been in Indonesia 2 years and you do not see much graffiti, Bristol however is absolutely blitzed in spray can art adding so much character to a fully busy city. What looks like vandalism and chaos to some to others is actually a concrete canvas, absolutely overflowing with talent, attention to detail and beauty,,

especially on a snow filled day..

Bristol Graffiti Snow

Flows like clockwork orange

One Day and One night in Phuket…

Sat in Kuala Lumpur Starbucks now have 3 hours spare until my flight to Stanstead Airport. I purchased a warm jumper/jacket hoody combination yesterday as I have been warned on facebook that it is freezing in the UK now. My bloods thinned out a bit now and I even get cold in the air con rooms at 25 degrees, the Uk is about 2 degrees now.. Well I arrived in Phuket yesterday afternoon managed to check into an affordable room for the night near Patong Beach, took a few photos of what caught my eye. I saw people moving and ret ransplanting trees with a crane, this was my life 2 weeks ago. Also I saw boys on mopeds towing two jet skis at a time on what looked like home made racks. This was inspiring as in all the surf videos jetskis are always towed behind hulking great 4 by 4s and Hilux pick up trucks. Now I know you can tow one to the beach on a moped, when I return to Indonesia again I think this is definitely on trhe cards, start surfing some bigger waves!!!!

No sign of any swell in Phuket but a great beach, mellow vibes and great sunset silhouttes. Every body speaks badly of Phuket proclaiming how busy and touristic it is. Well first impressions here is that it seems like a cross between Bangkok on the beach and Kuta Bali.. Lots of pretty women asking you if you want a massage, and lots of girls dancing on tables, poles and go go bars with next to no clothes on.. People say in Phuket one night out is enough and I am sure it is if you are planning a trip to some idyllic Thai Beach to sit back relax and go snorkelling on. Well one night it wasnt quite enough for me knowing in 12 hours I will be stuck in a traffic jam down the M4 in the cold and rain… Phuket; sunsets, beers, grilled lobsters and prawns, bars, dancing girls, neon lights, backlit nights, short skirts and high heels abound,..happy endings, rub and a tug, job done and we shall wait until the next time!

So here are a few snapshots of a Phuket moment…