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Mai Thai Boxing Koh Lanta..

Met a nice Thai woman in restaurant in Koh Lanta last night and we got to spend some time together for a few nights which was fun, I cannot believe how friendly and open Asian women are in comparison to my experiences in other worldwide locations. Well for my last night because my brother advertises Moons Massage ringside at Koh Lanta Mai Thai Boxing he has some free tickets so all 3 of us went for a night out to watch the boxing. This was my first time and we watched all the weight divisions, Prae used to train Mai Thai and really likes it so she was pleased. Unfortunately the light was super low so no good photos from the event as my small Canon G10 cannot perform too well under such circumstances. Also are a few photos from my last breakfast with them both..

Family Photos,…

Below  are some photos of me with my younger brother Nathan and my sister Natalie’s boyfriend Ian. A quick bit of background info, my brother moved to Thailand when he was 22 and never returned to the UK again, 37 Now and married to his wife Moon he has a daughter named Kalyana. Ian and my sister have lived here for a similar time. Ian owns and runs Lanta Island Property and Nathan and his wife have three Massage and health salon/spas called Moons Massage, dotted on the beach and Main Island road.. still here still happy and a nice pause on my trip home..
Ian Tiltman, my brother Nathan and Me Koh Lanta Thailand

Ian Tiltman, my brother Nathan and Me Koh Lanta Thailand


Last night me and my brother were playing pool in the Sari Club then Crash, Bang Wallop, one of the Swedish men leaving the bar pulled out on his motorbike straight in to a local going full speed on the main road, the result a whole heap of blood streaming out the poor mans head across the road. 2 riders yet no helmets here and whole heap of crowd stating Im a nurse, Im a doctor so he was pretty lucky. There are a lot of trained responsible divers here from Sweden and this local man was well taken care of until the ambulance men arrived and literally dragged him with out a care in the world onto a plastic stretcher and threw him on the loading deck of a Toyota Hilux. Which he then immediately rolled off as they closed the tailgate, if he didnt have a neck or spine injury they will no doubt make sure he does by the time they have driven him to the hospital. Life is cheap here. Regarding helemets, where possible I probably still will not wear one as it is great to feel the wind on a bald head! but it makes you realise how life is very fragile at full speed,

This is what happens when your head cracks the tarmac at full speed...

This is what happens when your head cracks the tarmac at full speed...

Jai Dee Home Klong Nin,..

Staying here, wireless internet, blog updates, great pancakes, coffee and lots of hammock time,…

England again 4 days and counting aghhhh!

England again 4 days and counting aghhhh!

Klong Nin, Krabi, Thailand

Well I am in Thailand now Krabi province on the island of Koh Lanta, my third time here. It has been the home of my brother and sister for many years so I try and visit them when I can.

So today and for the last 3 days I have been staying at small little home stay called Jai Dee Home on the beach 15m from the waters edge,. I previously stayed here a year and a half ago during low season, mid Julyish I think, this time it is November and the start of high season, It is still relaxed and a pleasant end to my trip of 2 years in Asia. When possible I have been relaxing  and hanging out with my brother Nathan and his daughter (quick note to those of you who know Nathan, he and his daughter seem to be 5 kilos heavier every time I see them, he is slowly turning into an oversized ox) however he is happy and all appears good on his end. I have been playing pool a bit in the evenings and that is about it. I have seen Natalie my sister and had a few drinks with her partner Ian Tiltman whom I have known since high school.

The schedule is; I have to fly from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur on the 29th and spend two days there as it was cheaper to fly from Phuket to KL than Krabi  to KL.

I am looking forward to visiting Phukets internationally renowned red light district for a colourful stroll one evening soon hopefully to practice some short skirt and low light photography! as this kind of eye candy is rare in Bristol in Dec, if it turns out to be a success then pictures soon,..

OK, To be honest for the last month I have often woken up in the early hours of the night in a cold sweat because;

1.I know England is freezing cold now, I will be returning to a situation of;  being single whilst most of my remaining friends are in long term relationships,  no job, economic downturn, talk of recession and house prices blah blah, no waves, no sun, wind and lots of rain and a whole plethora of overweight pale women with attitude that will not even return a friendly smile!!!

So Phuket is going to be a little treat of female eye candy before I return as I have been told its full of short skirted high heeled Thai women, an abundance of  go go bars and perverted old caucasian men looking for some love in return for money. This sounds similar to Sukhumvit Road and Nana Entertainment Plaza  in Bangkok. Well that seems like good enough menu for a night out knowing what I will be experiencing once i have returned back to the UK in less than a week. In Bristol the only place i know to meet a fit woman is the adult gymnastics class. So to any women that are choosing to take offence here, please do not judge me as you read this because one; I am still single and two; honestly your boyfriend if he was left alone for long enough would probably be exactly the same.. and Asia caters to the truth of this.

I make no apologies for my simple existence,  I really know what I like in life, staying personally fit, strong and lean, eating well, surfing, skateboarding, motorbikes, sun, sea and sex with a willing beautiful fit woman with the dream of a loving relationship one day. I make no apologies for this and will happily accept all peoples judgement and criticism. I like to photograph as much of this as I can and thank God for my life so far. Previously I tried marriage, two point two children a house with a mortgage, a loft yearly filling up with worthless junk from the past and a partner with ever increasing social and financial aspirations. Thanks but no thanks and to all my friends and acquaintances living this way I HOPE IN ALL HONESTY YOUR HEART IS NOT CRYING BEHIND THE SOCIAL SMILES..

I want to always be honest and keep it real along this path and write about the things I have learnt…


I get scared now approaching 40 and I get scared of remaining in the UK with a mortgage, an overdraft and a heap of credit. Somehow in a relationship where sex every day for the first six months turns into sex once every two weeks on a Saturday morning. Sitting on a sofa with the control of my life as remote as the self control of what I daily consume. Then watching your and my partners waistlines expand as the bank balance decreases. Add to this the continual and constant friction about time, careers, interest rates, house prices, money money money and this is the recipe for hell on earth as I know it. I am scared of this life and I want to share that with you all.

Updates.. Asia is Soooo FuXXing Noisy!!!!!!

 any excuse for noise

any excuse for noise

I have just spent 2 months in Lombok, organising some stuff on my block of land, I have surfed when possible but the internet has been too slow for me to have the patience to upload any new stuff to my blog. All is well I have just spent 3 days in Bali to say goodbye to some friends and have now departed for a a period of time ( I am not sure how long) until I return.

For the first time in 2 years I am on my way back to the UK for the 1st of Dec.. Not looking forward to the experience at all but now I am sat in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in the noisiest Mc Donalds I have ever been in  whilst alive on this planet. Screaming children, babies , people shouting and a whole heap of chaos. I have 3 hours until I fly to Krabi Thailand and spend a week with my brother and sister before heading back to Stanstead Airport UK. I hope to update and backdate my blog during this time for those of you who are following it. I would like to say a big thank you for all who read my blog and take the short time out of their lives to email me feedback, encouragement and comments this is always the fuel for the next upload, thanks again..