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Why I love Lombok….until we meet again

Unfortunately I have to leave Kuta Lombok for a while and am not to sure when I will be returning so I have been through my hard drives and rounded up a selection of photos that represent why I love Lombok. These are  moments that helped me decide to invest time choose to buy some land here, with the dream of one day building a home on it . Today I do not know how but somehow I want to make it all work and share the place and experience with all who want to come along for the ride…god willing.

Well a picture is supposed to say a thousand words but here are some words to describe why I love it here,

the waves, Desert point, the women, the people , the culture, the sunrises, sunsets, palm trees, wildlife, snorkeling, diving, fish, turtles, snakes and monkeys, buffaloes, motorbikes, riding with no helmet, the sea, the weather, coconuts, Sengigi Left,chilli, the families, The Gili islands, sitting in luxury by the sea, the views, the mountains, alang alang roofs, surfers inn, Ashtari,waterfalls, the old ladies, Air Goeling, Segar, Grupuk, Novotel, guna guna, Mawi, wells, great times, great flavours, affordable and fun!

Hey put that camera away!

Hey put that camera away!

Some Kuta Land Photos at last,…

The waves have been working well as we are approaching the wet season, still have dry season trade winds though…

So finally having blogged about this land purchase for 18 months here are some photos. The view from the top is over 1000s of palm trees and a view to see the size of the swell in the sea that day…

The view from my land if I built a house here!

The view from my land if I had the money to build a house here!

Here is a photo of  the most fun bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure of doing stuff with..

The great wall of kuta lombok..and the people that helped make it

The great wall of Kuta Lombok..and the people that helped make it

Below are a few photos of my plot of land from the bottom looking up and the top looking down. These are the first photos I have ever posted land size is .71 hectare. The risk hre is high but so far so good it is such a magical place I feel that it is worth. Last year after we did all the soil movement with the bulldozers it was necessary to build a pretty big retaining wall which was achieved in stages.

Now there are some big flat plots ready  for some dream homes in the sun, yehaaa! Problem is cement steel, rocks, sand and stone all cost money and I have been hemorrhaging cash so fast the only way to plug the wound is to fly to England and work again. So I decided to plant 6 coconut trees to hopefully grow and do their thing while I am gone. These photos are from the last week or so where the workers on my Land investment have finished off the retaining wall we started a year ago and the crew necessary when we planted a few coconut trees,..

Land Photos early days…

1 very expensive week in my life!

1 very expensive week in my life!

This has been rolling on for 18 months and here are a few photos from the different stages of its process along the way, from One week solid of bulldozers, excavators, trucks, rocks, concrete foundations and walls..Now Uang Habis (Money Finished) and off to work  whilst, hopefully the trees we planted get taller…

Kuta Lombok this morning…

The sunrise looks a bit like this some mornings..

Kuta Lombok Sunrise

Kuta Lombok Sunrise

Back in the Lawyers today…

Aghhhhh Headache, headache and more headache!!!!!! buying a piece of land here in South Lombok, well I can not even begin to describe the experience…

However it appears the new International Airport and the surrounding roads and infrastructure are all full steam ahead,..

this means dust in your eyes all the way from Kuta Lombok to Mataram because of all the trucks on the road and roadworks…

Booked my flight to the Uk 15 mins ago 1st Dec Stanstead Airport back in the cold and grey again!! bad day today

Kuta Lombok,.this morning

Kuta Lombok by jason lunn

Kuta Lombok by jason lunn

Ruka and Sema

These are my two friends Ruka and his wife Sema,..An interesting point, Sema has cooked me more meals and made me more coffee than an ex wife and all of my ex girlfriends I previously been with in the UK all put together and never complained once..

Princess Sema Rukas 4th wife to date..

Princess Sema Rukas 4th wife to date..

Back in Lombok

All is good, stuff on land has some hiccups, I am beginning to accept this is the way of life here, learning patience. I am well and healthy taking lots of photos however internet slow and I am bored of computers.. will post when the feeling passes

If God does not keep a promise then who will?

In Search of the light

In Search of the light

1 Corinthians 2:9 (New International Version)

However, as it is written:
“No eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
what God has prepared for those who love him”

Well this is one I read in the Bible when I discovered it, I have been holding onto these words for about 20 years now since the first time I read it alone in bed when I was 19 years old.  It is easy to constantly look and feel about what your life is missing rather than what it contains, when I stop to think and count my blessings,then look back over my life I think the promise has been kept so far,.. as for your life well you decide…

Pomp and Ceremony..

Inbetween building roads and catering to the tourist dollar Balinese communities still take their hindu ceremonies very religously even if its raining..

Love rain down on me...

Love rain down on me...

Leaving for Lombok today…

Rained all the way from Kuta bali to Padang bai Harbour roadworks all the way and Balinese Ceremonies along the road slowing things up, include the fact it rained the whole bike ride and you get to experience the contrasts that take place here in the space of an hour..