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Cream teas in Bali..

Cream Tea Anyone?

Cream Tea Anyone?

My friend Alison Bone, a journalist and writer in Bali needed some photos of a restaurant/ cafe in Seminyak called Biko, once an antique shop but now the realistion and manifestation of an Ex patriot now living their tropical dream. You can relax in comfort here surrounded by an eclectic array of carved¬† hardwood furniture a whole heap of interesting nick nacks and ornaments that your grandmother would have scattered around. I had a free lunch for the photos but worth a visit if you need a few home comforts without having to do the cleaning or dusting..Here are a few of the shots…


Been raining super heavy every day for a few hours, heavy thunderstorms during the evening,..this means dirty river water in the sea. I have had conjunctivitis for 3 days probably from surfing dirty water. It is all gone now, saline drops and some antibiotic eye drops did the trick, not good felt like having sand rubbed in my eyes for 3days. Still waiting to hear news from my lawyers in Lombok RE land titles, so surfing each day, hanging out with my friends Mick and Troy and taking some photos along the way so I will post some soon,…Not too much swell at the moment,.

2 Dollar Sunglasses $$$$$$

2 Dollar Sunglasses $$$$$$

Michael Spiteri Kuta Bali

Michael Spiteri Kuta Bali

Bali News,..

Its been raining hard nearly everyday, although it is peak dry season, there has not been much swell and I seemed to have caught a really bad flu and cough with a super runny nose,..This seems ironic based on my last blog. When it rains I think there are a lot more bugs in the air here, the night clubs are full and the air con is on full power. A night out in a club with air con appears enough to spread the flu to most people that are in there.  Swell is picking up today, the Padang Padang contest was canceled this August due to not enough swell. This year their really has not been the usual pumping swell through August and early September that all the surfers here have anticipated. I have been doing a few visits to Ubud and some temples the last two weeks and trying to work out what the next phase of my life is. I really need to return to the Uk soon to regenerate some income and organise some loose ends. I would like to repair all my broken camera equipment. However I am still waiting for the paperwork on my land transaction in Lombok, it has taken over a year now to buy this piece of land and if anything is enough to disturb a persons sleep it would be buying following in the footsteps I have taken this year. Well I sold up in the Uk and cleared the mortgage and the routines so that I could step into the unknown again and for the whole it has great. However recently I have been feeling uncertain and unsettled about a few things and feel the urge to generate some routines again,..

My Friend Clari…

Clari is from Bristol I have known her for 13 years now and she has been in Bali for nearly 6 months having previously been in India as her self reward for finishing her fashion degree as a mature student. Super talented in many ways, can write a song and dance about life and dress the characters up in pretty clothes all at the same time. Clari is a social networker of the highest caliber and somehow managed to end up “Villa Sitting” in Seminyak the upmarket part of Bali, for free! while the rest of us pay for hotels.. However as the great friend that she always is she invited me around for a dip in the pool. With such great light and contrast to Lombok local lifestyles I could not resist taking a few shots of how some people live their lives.. Maybe one day this could be me,”oh, today it was” even if for a moment, but hey life’ s the present! enjoy it, unwrap it! thanks Clari all the best….

Seminyak Villa-3731

Life is but a combination of perspectives on the moments we share

The last 3 Black and white photos are some portraits I took of Clari 3 years ago in Bristol, these are some of my favourite photos..

Mick and I

Me and my friend Mick have decided to spend a few days in Ubud as there is not alot of swell about and he has cuts on his feet that need to heal. These are a few snapshots of Ubud Tourist Market,