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Day out in Nusa Dua

Mick my Balinese friend Putu and I went for a day out to Nusa Dua, no waves here today however its usually the biggest wave spot in Bali, five star hotels everywhere $200 a night but the beaches are free to everyone..

Page 7 Fella Big M Spiteri

Page 7 Fella Big M Spiteri

Gunung Kawi revisted…

When there is not many waves and no swell for a few days the ancient Hindu temple at Gunung Kawi is a really tranquil place to visit. My Balinese friend Putu and Mick had never been here before so cameras and two mopeds we drove another twenty minutes north of Ubud and arrived mid ceremony, watched for a while then went for a swim in the river in the Temple grounds…here are some photos of the Temple grounds, the people, Hindu offerings and ceremonies,.

Gunung Kawi Ceremonies-3571

The road to Gunung Kawi

you will pass through Ubud and the world famous rice terraces and the restaurants dotted along the crest of the road. Follow the road ahead and you will pass the New Gunung Kawi temples, however at this point you have gone to far and need to do a U turn go back up the hill and take aleft turning at the top.  Then for few km you will see logs and barefoot artisans with chainsaws and chisels and witness more carved wood on roadside display than possibly any other place in the world,..

Rainforest recycling Ubud style

Rainforest recycling Ubud style

The road to Gunung Kawi part 1

Desert Point Lombok…photo upload

Here goes I finally manged to upload some of the photos I took at Desert Point Lombok in Aug 2010, the wave breaks right in front of the sun at sunset providing photos of awesome back lit green caverns of tube riding wave perfection,..the reef is knee deep and if you touch it you will bleed…

Flavio Nakagima Japan age 22 Flavio Nakagima Japan age 22
Kimbo high speed into the Grower at duskKimbo high speed into the Grower at dusk
Bali from Lombok, Desert PointBali from Lombok, Desert Point

Desert Point Again… firing

Surfed Lombok’s infamous Desert Point again with friend I have made travelling from Australia called Michael Spiteri, surprisingly we had no crowds and amazing waves. Michael kindly let me use his new camera so I have some great photos to follow.  Now back in Bali again for Ramadan as its a noisy time in Lombok and all the people working on my land are fasting so not a lot gets done.. Work on my retaining walls has made some progress the last 6 weeks and life seems all,.. ok  so far,..Had some ups and downs and some stress with some stressful people but that has come to the end,..

There has been a few new banners going up about all the sexual health risks here, and it appears nearly all the women I have met over the last two years, finally emerge to be somewhat not entirely honest or truthful in one way or the other, so I decided to go for a health check up, and all the rest of the tests as there is a free place to do so.  Kuta unlike the rest of Indonesia seems to be a cesspit of morality and hedonism to the extreme, especially in June, July, August, which is peak holiday season, so if a person is at risk of getting sick this would definitely be one of the places and times to be careful. It seems at the moment more than usual everyone is in full party mode 24 hours a day and the drunken debauchery you witness is enough to make one whince and cringe,.Usually all performed by a person wearing a Bintang Singlet

Well my results all good body still 100% healthy, which is always great to know, So as of now apart from a few scars hitting the reef at Desert point I am in good physical condition,..So I am going to just spend some time in Bali and get to surf as much as possible,..