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South Lombok

back in Kuta Lombok, not really enjoying the wind, it is super strong, not to many available locations to surf right now, I am organising work with local tradesman to finish building the retaining walls we started 6 months ago. I would rather be somewhere else right now but I think I should have important stuff finished within the month..Mosque is so loud and has new speakers, it starts its broadcast at 4am and thats when my day now starts..

Lombok Portraits

These are some portraits of the Sasak local people and their wives that have been helping me on my land, making me coffee and cooking for me for the last year.. Bapak (Mr/ father) Pakir, Bapak Antrim, Bapak Ruka his wife Sema, Gatip and, Simoot..

Lombok Portraits-5

Gatip and bapak Pakir

On the way back to Lombok

Got to finish organising some retaining walls and some more land admin stuff with land department, all seems like a bit of a hassle and I am not in the mood for a 5 hour ferry ride in big swell, i would rather be surfing it…

Uluwatu, biggest swell of the year so far..

3 days ago and we had the biggest swell of year so far in Bali, I really wanted to try and surf some big waves and Uluwatu Bombie at high tide was heaving big sets in all morning, there were only 5 people out so I thought, might as well have a go, first time Uluwatu is not crowded. The swell measured at 13.5ft with a 16 second swell period, this day was by far the biggest waves that I have ever been in, It took me about an hour to paddle out to the back sets that were breaking biggest and about an half an hour working out what to do and also what was I doing there. I then decided to paddle for a few and caught one safely which by todays standards was a smallish one (The one in the photos below) Then I decided to try catch a second much bigger hollower set wave but I could not paddle into it quick enough as I was on a small 6’3 board and as a result was lip launched about 15ft top to bottom and took the biggest most violent beating of my life in the washing machine of heavy white water. When I finally surfaced my board had snapped and I was left with only half a board still attached to my leg rope and ankle,. it was a very long and treacherous  swim back in,  I also missed the entrance cave however….glad to be alive,..I really felt like I  could easily die in such conditions,..

Jaon Lunn Outside Bombie Uluwatu

Jason Lunn Outside Bombie Uluwatu

Outside Bombie the biggest wave I have surfed so far,..

Outside Bombie the biggest wave I have surfed so far,..

Sepia tones…

The Canon G10 has a sepia tones setting for photos, so when the colour was washed out down the beach the other day with a few grey skies this setting seemed to work a treat. These are a few shots for you to enjoy of Kuta Beach and the scenery with a few adjustments to the tone curve and contrast settings in Adobe Lightroom,…

Photos of Kuta Beach Bali

I still like to stroll around with my small Canon G10 when I remember to take it out and take photos of the wherever I am going today similar to most days this happen to be the beach. Kuta Beach most days feels like heaven and hell at the same time, it is as though it is experienced on one breath in and the other on the breath out. My emotions feel like they are on a roller coaster ride in this place. So much stimulation for the senses yet also lacking so much stimulation at the same time. It is not so easy to articulate and harder to explain with words, however if you have spent a while here you will understand. Well this what Kuta Beach looks like in July 2010, if you choose to ignore all the building work that is going on…

Video footage of me doing my thing..

Some footage of me doing my thing over the years, enjoy