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Buying Land in Lombok…

Nearly there just a few more days and I think all the stress I have endured from a whole bunch of locals all trying their best to extract money from me will end. When my land deeds and legal stuff is fully safe and secure( I think 3 days time) I will write a big section on buying land here, what to expect and the pitfalls to avoid. I have some great photos of my land and the surrounding areas which contribute to the reasons I have decided to invest here. I want to share these on my blog.

However basically this has been my last few weeks, many local people know that my certificates are ready and that I will be paying the final balance on my land soon. I have been getting sms messages and phone calls daily from many different people telling me that I need to pay this balance as my certificates are ready.

1. I have been waiting patiently for 8 months fro this day and as they were delivered to my solicitor I was the first to know. Also international money transfers take about two weeks and have to be done in small amounts due to money laundering regulations.

2.Locals think white people walk around with a million dollars in their wallets this is very draining some days

3. Of all the people contacting me daily It is none on these peoples business.

well it has been tiresome, really draining and annoying and I have had bad sleeping patterns during this time. I got pretty angry with a few people and send some replies to state this.

Well this is the reason, Well it seems that they all want to borrow money off the farmer who I am paying and have bypassed him and put pressure on me to pay him quickly. This basically is how Indonesian locals in Lombok behave. They take close to 10 months to do something they promise to do in 2 months and have been paid for, but expect everyone else to work and deliver quicker than the latest technology and systems available.

4. During this period 1 corrupt individual has been uncovered also a whol;e bunch of lies I was told  by him have surfaced and cost me an extra 1000 pounds which I have paid to save any aggro. This could have been close to 3  but I have a great Lawyer  which is worth her weight in Gold anyway more in detail later, it is all part of this journey…

One of me,..

I do not get many shots of me surfing but Johnny took this with my small water camera at Pantai Segar Lombok, me going right,..

Jason surfing Lombok-0511

Lombok, Balian, Lombok, Bali, Lombok

Back in Lombok having surfed in Bali with my English friend John Morgan aka Jonny Rad. We surfed at Balian for a week on brown mud filled waves as a result from heavy rain and overflow from Balian river. If you want to get ill surfing this is the place..

After staying a week here at Ayu’s accomodation we then took the ferry back to Lombok and have been surfing here the last 10 days. Good clean powerful Righthanded reef breaks every day. J Rad is good fun, today he let me shave off all his hair and give him a Mohawk! He is still a 10 year old inside a mans body.

Still feeling the pain from the exchange rate crash off the pound and to make it worse it has started going back up again today!! Life..

Pics of Lombok  and Bali surfing, Balian, Air Gueling and Seger Reef

If you want to travel here or get more info check this link Kuta Lombok More Info

Pound Sterling in Freefall!…..

Just my luck when I have to pay final balance on my land the pound drops against the Rupiah to an all time low in History! Had no choice but to change up my cash to pay outstanding balance on my land as 2 certificates of 3 are now ready. This was agreed as the time to settle the balance. Rate dropped to 13000 / 1GBP. Ouch about 8Grand GBP less compared to the rate of 16500 to a pound when I paid my deposit. That was enough to build a house here or 5 years of work visas!! Looks like I need to get back to work asap!

Had a great birthday!

Thanks to all that came, have had lots of fun recently, healthy again returned to Lombok surfed a week then a few days on Gili T and back in Bali again. have what seems to be maybe a new girlfriend call May. Have been hanging out we met on my birthday. Snapped a surfboard yesterday, hit the reef hard but all healing ok, waiting for land titles still and planning a surf trip with Jonny Rad from the UK who is back in Indo again…