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Gili Trawangan photos..

Gili Trawangan-0576

My friends Marcus Hill and Helen Price came to visit Gili Trawangan always great to see them both, we go back a  long way about 26 years infact all went to the same school. Also a picture of Darsi Miranti the day before our brief relationship ended a good 3 months in total (Susahhhh!), the conveyor belt continues….

Photos below Gili Trawangan Party Island, Diving Island,..

Gili Isles photographs..

These are a few photos from Gili Air, which appears to be the least developed and quietest of the 3 Ismall Isles

Back in Bali found an internet connection Blog update time

These are some photos I have taken on the newly laid tarmac road from Mataram to Bangsal Harbour, driving through the coastal town of Sengiggi. This ride is truly a pleasure on a motorbike, these are the views I would  see every time I would ride to the small public harbour to get the boat to Gili Trawangan,.

Internet in Kuta Lombok sooo slow…

5 or 6 places are offering internet services her in Kuta Lombok, however all of them are operating on dial up speeds shared between 5 to 6 machines.. tooo sloww fro me to do my blog plus the price is twice that of Kuta Bali. Lots of different experiences and meetings with friends and new places have happened since the last update however the internet here is beyond painfully slow and frustrating. Blog is in backlog  now, I will be returning to Bali in a week or so and will update my blog hopefully then..