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Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines! to all I love..

ok 14 days since last post, I have been surfing filming and taking lots of photos of visiting Pro surfers Joss Ash and Ruebyn Ash. Internet issues at the moment very slow in the wifi areas and ive been too tired to wait. Tomorrow I am flying to a Island in Indonesia called Sumbawa to surf a remote but famous wave at a place called Lakey Peak.  I plan on putting in some surf time on some waves and hopefully getting some great footage as there are going to be lots of good surfers there. Very remote place, not much to do except surf, Malaria risks too but is meant to be beautiful Island, If I find a good connection I will be updating my blog with all that has been happening so far. There has been soo many inspiring educational, brief encounters, some relationship foundations with great people being laid down and action packed surfing and cultural overflow in the last 14 days I really want to share it with all who are Interested.

Basically I am loving Bali more every day and I am trying to do all I can to make sure my time here continues as it has been…..

I now feel strong, lean, healthy,my bones and joints are now feeling warm to the core, each day is a good one and then I awake to one more… I thank God and his angels for the life I lead and the path I now walk, another prayer answered another reality I could never have even dreamed possible, A glorious life is unfolding for me each new day, what can I say but dont let your fears lead you astray…

step into your dreams they are all yours to take its time for the real thing you can always awake…

life is good and getting better all the time.. blessings to you all